Hello Comrades! We would like to begin a cycle of Dev Diary of the S.W.A.N. game to present you the background of development and to show how it progresses.

Mindreader device – from concept to 3D model

Mindreader device is one of the key elements of the S.W.A.N. gameplay. It is used in the chapters where the player is supposed to search for thought particles and destroy parallel dimensions.

The main goal in designing and creating the 3D model of the Mindreader, was to mix the classic soviet hardware design with the desire to emphasize the unique and peculiar features of the device.

The first step was to create concept arts to visualize the ideas and choose the right base for the 3D model.

After combining the most interesting elements from concepts, the process of 3D modelling started. Because the player will see the device from a close perspective in a true FPS-style, the model should be detailed. The final Mindreader model has 8500 tris (triangular polygons) which is enough to make it look smooth.
Here are a few images of the modelling stages.

Let’s add some details here.

And more.

You will be able to see the final, working Mindreader device in the game, with all visual additions – lights, particles and post-process effects.